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The Handsome fella known as Mike Crivellaro

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The Handsome fella known as Mike Crivellaro

10+ Years of Enterprise and Leadership Experience

Experienced product designer with a track record of leading successful projects for the Federal Government and Department of Defense. Skilled in gathering requirements, conducting research, and delivering user-centered designs that meet business objectives. Adept at managing teams, collaborating with stakeholders, and communicating design decisions.

I enjoy creating delightfully simple experiences. In my spare time, I photograph my adventures.


Product Design Manager  @  IPTA  /  2023 to Present

As a Strategic Design Leader, I developed and executed a comprehensive design strategy that significantly enhanced user satisfaction. Through fostering cross-functional collaboration, I established seamless integration of design solutions with other teams. Additionally, I prioritized talent development by mentoring team members, contributing to improved efficiency, and implementing effective hiring practices that led to the recruitment of top-tier Design, QA, and Technical Writing talent. My leadership in product innovation resulted in the ideation and execution of successful products, earning industry recognition. By championing user-centric design practices, I successfully reduced post-launch user issues. Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in process optimization by implementing streamlined design processes, thereby reducing project timelines and enabling rapid prototyping using Business Intelligence tools such as PowerBI.

Lead Product Designer  @  IPTA  /  2021 to Present

As a leader in web and mobile application design, I spearheaded the development of intricate systems aimed at delivering clear and intuitive presentations of extensive data sets to support Department of Defense and Army clients. This involved collaborating with cross-functional teams to establish and execute the product vision, prioritizing usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction. In an iterative and agile working environment, I designed and prototyped end user experiences, incorporating stakeholder and user feedback. Employing UX principles, I created high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and design specifications, utilizing tools such as ServiceNow and R Shiny. Additionally, I conducted in-depth requirements analysis to transform user insights into actionable design solutions, ensuring alignment with project goals and technical constraints. Taking on an educational role, I mentored junior designers, instilling best practices and design methodologies to foster continuous learning and growth. Furthermore, I facilitated coordination with development teams to guarantee the implementation of designs in line with intended user experiences, collaborating closely with stakeholders and project managers throughout the process.

Design Lead and Strategist  @  US Federal Government  /  2018 to 2021

I designed and developed custom web applications, managed project requirements, and facilitated design workshops to drive product strategy for senior stakeholders in the federal government. I conducted discovery research, managed projects from conceptualization through maintenance, and ensured teams were motivated and performing through adequate training, feedback mechanisms, and mentoring.

Senior Product Designer  @  US Federal Government  /  2013 to 2018

I led design teams and collaborated with software engineers to provide design direction and style guides for various projects, including the Presidents Daily Briefing app. I managed infrastructure projects, designed and developed mobile and web applications, evaluated product usability, and mentored junior designers while focusing on accessibility and professional growth.


Bachelor of Design, Graphic Design @ Penn State University |2007-2012

Certified Usability Analyst @ Human Factors International | 2016

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