The Handsome fella known as Mike Crivellaro

I’m Mike.

—but most people call me Criv—

I thought a lot about what to write in this section—Do I write about my design philosophy or how I like to create intuitive/accessible/well designed products for my customers—hopefully my work would speak for itself in that regard, so I will just tell a little about me as a person, and what some of my interests are.

I have this immense passion for photography, and while I’m traveling I love to photograph those destinations. Some of them are cheesy tourist photos, but most of them are landscapes. I love the ability to sit in one location, take in my surroundings and wait for the moment to strike for the ideal photograph. When I’m not geeking out about photography, I love to cook and experiment with different techniques . . . I got a pizza oven and a Sous Vide for Christmas, and let me tell you, everyone should have a sous vide, it’s amazing.

I have an amazing family that I love spending time with. They accompany on some of my overseas adventure, and we typically end up walking well over 50 miles during our trips. I enjoy going to the theatre, concerts, and of course, brunch. Well, that’s just a little about who I am, but I hope it gives you a bit of a feel for who I am. Feel free to reach and learn more, I’m a hoot, I promise!